Why Inner Leadership is the Future of Leadership: A Game-Changing Approach to Personal and Professional Growth

In the business world, personal leadership —the capacity to successfully lead oneself— is frequently discussed. Although developing personal leadership skills is undoubtedly essential, there is a growing trend that believes inner leadership is even more significant and rewarding (me included). 

What distinguishes inner leadership from personal leadership, and why might inner leadership be a wiser option?

Setting specific goals and objectives and accepting accountability for one’s own actions and decisions are at the heart of personal leadership. It’s about behaving proactively and purposefully in our lives rather than merely responding to other people’s demands and expectations. In Inner Leadership we call this self-activation.

However, inner leadership takes this concept further. Setting goals and accepting responsibility are important, but it’s also important to gain a thorough understanding of our own values, strengths, and pitfalls and use this information to direct our actions and make decisions. Instead of living life on autopilot, it’s about being conscious and present in the moment. Instead of living life based on the expectations and values of those around us, in the workplace or elsewhere, it is about finding and standing for what you find meaningful.

Leading others is also a part of inner leadership. It creates the ability to foster a positive and encouraging environment for growth and development and inspiring and motivating others by setting an authentic example. Due to their closeness to who they are, inner leaders can create strong, meaningful connections with others. And by doing so,  develop a cooperative and inclusive culture in the workplace. 

Inner leadership thus includes self-activation but perhaps more importantly: self-awareness. Possibly this aspect is most essential to inner leadership. It involves acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a purposeful and happy life, as well as constantly allowing yourself to learn and grow as a person. Inner leadership is about more than achieving though; it’s about living a life that matters and changing the world for the better.

Is inner leadership really superior to personal leadership? It’s hard to say definitively, as there will be advocates for both approaches.   One thing is certain, though: inner leadership implies a more all-encompassing and thorough approach to leadership, one that extends beyond simply setting objectives and accepting responsibilities. 

Inner leadership calls for a profound level of self-awareness, self-activation, and by extend a dedication to one’s own development. A though road, but worthwhile as the benefits are great. By developing inner leadership skills, we can not only become more effective and influential leaders, we can also live more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Isn’t that what it is about?

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