You are a unique human being

At ZYN Tribe there is a believe, human experience is wider than our thoughts. This leads us to focus on supporting you to embody what you know. Focusing on the aspects of your life and business you want to change but have been unable to thus far.

ZYN – Derived from the Dutch word for ‘Being’

When launching a business, the name always is a hard part. It is meant to mean something. The search for a name coinsided with another mayor event in Rens’ life. When Rens found out he was going to be a dad he started imagining telling his unborn son stories about the life lessons he found. The character through which he started imagining these stories was a boy called Zyn (which is also a derivative from the Dutch word for Being).

It hit Rens to use this name for a business as it closely connects to the believe that all there is to do is to Be. Which is simple to understand and not always easy embody. Tuning really closely to to core of what ZYN Tribe is meant to share ‘Embody what you Know’.

ZYN Tribe aims to offer individuals, teams and businesses an introspective approach to achieving what they most deeply want. Instead of offering tools and models that allow a different way of doing, we focus on why things are they way they are. Once that is well understood, we can start designing an alternative. This design will use aspects of and expertise in leadership, psychology and organizational structure but determined and decided upon by the individual, team or business.

Once that desired design goal, vision or dream is set the fun continues. Using an approach with deep exploration and experiments to find what works we will get to understanding the goal to eventually embodying it, BEING it.

Our mission

It is our mission to make conscious living mainstream. Because we believe that an increased collective consciousness is the answer to most forms of suffering in our society.

Our values


The freedom to be yourself and do what you want. You have the freedom to design your own life, on your own terms. There are no rules and there is complete freedom to develop as you wish.


Connecting to get more out of each other. We always establish a connection, in order to create a safe environment of trust and openness. In this way, we can quickly get to the core of any challenge.

Our values


Often we believe things to be true that aren’t. The value of truth ties into this as we always want to question if what we believe is true. In the search for unquestionable truth we therefore find ourselves questioning if it is truth, rather than deciding what is true and truth.


Keep discovering. You are able to discover your best in a playful way. Personal development is an adventure in which you are the hero of your own story. The journey itself is an experience, necessary for development.

Our values