Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions that give you the insights and guidance you need to change your life.

Not 'just' coaching...

Need a coaching plan to become the top 1% performer you are? We’re here for you. We recognise that each individual has unique dreams and goals, moving towards them in their own unique way.

Therefore we offer a combination of building blocks to solve your personal challenge. That way, we guarantee a tailor-made approach that works. Find the most common building blocks below.


Energy Leadership Assessment©

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment© shows you how you show up in life at this moment. Or in other words, through which lens you look. This creates a base for where you are, to support you in discovering the path ahead. 


Skill Based Practicing

We can also bring in training actors to help you practice with skill development, should that be in line with your progress and goals. The actor will help by simulating situations where you require the skill and train you to increase your proficiency in that skill.


Goal Oriented Coach Conversations

Free flowing conversations are used to set a course and follow wherever the conversation brings us. These conversations are focused on giving more insight into your patterns & (limiting)beliefs in order to design a way forward.


Full day intensive

Our coaches can either take you out of your environment and have a full day of coaching, exercises and reflections with you. Or shadow you in your life and reflect with you on what is going on. Finishing the day with a longer 1:1 reflection.


Assignments &

At ZYN Tribe we have a fast list of assignments/ exercises which we can use between sessions: reflection, exploration, experiments, practical steps to take, and more. We will always choose which to use in conversation with you.

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