Team Coaching

Coaching/workshops sessions that align your team members, to increase productivity more than you can ever imagine.

From individuals to team players

Want to create a high-achieving team that works together? We are here for you. Often, team members within an organisation are not working towards a common goal, but instead everyone is focused on themselves. This leads to constant problem solving and politics within the team. We offer a team coaching trajectory combining the following building blocks to create a team that works together. That way, we guarantee a tailor-made approach that works.

Offer: team training

Peak performance

To create high-achieving teams we use the basic principles of peak performance teams. As a coach and leadership expert we don’t only bring in new knowledge and skills, it is essential to be able to look from the outside in. Peak Performance teams understand that while they focus on their day-to-day progress.

Offer: team training

Assignments & Exercises

At ZYN Tribe we have a fast list of assignments/ exercises which we can use between sessions: reflection, exploration, experiments, practical steps to take, and more. We will always choose which to use in conversation with you.

Offer: team training


We focus on creating psychological safety and trust so everyone feels free to share what is on their mind. This allows us to get to the core and really create lasting change instead of doing off by trying to fight the symptoms, which often disturbs team dynamics.

Offer: team training

Leadership Team Shadowing Coaching

Our coaches can support the team by being present at a team meeting while discussing patterns, that are hard to become aware of as you are part of the team. This allows to reflect and readjust to a more effective and efficient way of having team meetings.

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Curious about what we can do for your team? Contact your coach for a free exploratory talk