ZYN Tribe Morning Challenge

Béta Program Layout

What would your life look like ideally? I really want you to imagine one of your dreams so big it scares you… In the morning challenge, we’ll deconstruct the process of moving towards that dream of yours with a tried and proven system!

No boring sitting back, not interacting sessions here. You will experience what we talk about so it connects with your mind AND body!

Preparation –  We’ll make sure you have ample time to print the workbook and materials required

Monday – Your Experience is Chosen

We will dive into our Lucky Clover model and support you to understand how your experience is created and how to consciously affect your experience.

Tuesday – The backdoor alley

For most it is not easy to reflect on their blind spots (duh!!), so we will introduce you to a backdoor alley that is always open and gives you great insight into your beliefs and experience.

Wednesday – Reflecting on You

Here we will move forward from the back door alley insights you will have gotten at this point and ask ourselves the question, NOW WHAT?!

Thursday – Four more routes to insights

One backdoor? Why stop there? We are going to give you more routes into what makes you tick and how to move it closer to a version of you that is fully supportive and inspiring towards your big audacious dream(s)!

Friday – Transformation Ahead!

The last day, ahhh… Rather than sending you off with applause for all the amazing work you will have done at this point we expect this will be the most challenging day where we get to demonstrate our next steps with a powerful template that we will share.

Ok, we’ll admit it. We are supported and inspired by millennia of wisdom, past and recent research, and our own supporters and inspirers. Though we had to daily hours over the course of years and a sizable sum of tuitions build this program. You’ll have the fast-track for only €50 as we want to share this with as many people as possible. 

Want to be part of the 100 people that beta tests this beautiful program, let us know below.